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Emergency Response Solutions

Traditional Suites deployed as COVID-19 testing facilities at St. Joseph's Medical Center.

traditional suites by insite hospitality as emergency response solutions at saint joseph regional medical center

Deployable Hospitality Assets as Emergency Response Solutions

Insite Hospitality, an Innovative Group company, is offering emergency response solutions using its collection of mobile assets. With a current deployment at Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center that was launched in less than 3 days, our solutions are agile, space-efficient, and reliable. We have been involved in disaster relief to support victims, relief workers, hospitals, government agencies, and military branches for more than 15 years.

emergency response tents

Emergency Response

Unique tent structures in response to the call from the Federal Government to:

-Provide drive-thru testing facilities throughout the country

-Prevent congestion at local hospitals

-Keep the public safe from contamination

We can have a facility in place within 72 hours post confirmation anywhere across the United States.

Testing Facilities

Temporary Food Distribution

Temporary Buildings & Structures

General Disaster Relief

Emergency Room-1

Emergency Mobile Hospital

Designed to connect to Water, Sewer, and Electrical on site

Generators and Holding Tanks Available

Set Up time is 3-5 days

Price variations

Common Area Barriers

Bed Dividers

Bio-containment Units

Contact our team of Solutionists™ today to create your emergency response solution.

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