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As modern consumers become increasingly interested in living the "experience lifestyle," it’s more imperative than ever that brands are able to stand out from the rest. 

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Make it Comfortable

Forget crowded tents, uncomfortable locations with no AC, and subpar restroom facilities, there is a better way to enjoy and plan a tailgate with all the comforts of home for as little as 10 to thousands of guests.


Make It Memorable

In an increasingly competitive and saturated market, differentiating yourself and creating a competitive advantage for you and your brand is the key to long term business success. It is for these reasons and more our fleet of suites were created. Each suite will take your hospitality to the next level with the right blend of portability, affordability, and luxury accommodations. All combine to leave your guests in awe of the most comfortable and elevated tailgate they have ever experienced.


Make it an Experience

We all know how important a first impression can be. If a fan comes to your event for the first time and gets a negative impression, they’ll likely never return. On the flip side, an engaging and fun experience will make them want to come back again and again. For this reason, make sure every individual who walks into your event, leaves with positive fan experience.



“Tailgates are the calm before the score.”

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